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Memento Mori

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In my childhood I often could´t sleep. I was scared of going to sleep and never waking up again.
I imagined I´d be buried in a place of darkness, forever and ever, being awake until the end of all days.

For the film of Memento Mori I went together with my wife Sophia to visit Giuseppe Spagnuolo in South Italy. He lives there as the last resident in his hometown Roscigno Vecchia which is one of the many lost villages in italy.
We had a great day with him hanging out in the sun, feeding cats and dogs and filming awesome shots with him, never getting tired.
More to come in the Making of…

Press fotos:
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Alan Watts
Sophia Linda

Steffen Krones

Bony Stoev

Ryan Taubert – Anamog
We wish it was never light

Waterfall Shot by MunechMax
Shot on the FS5
NTSC Settings
All cranked down to 25fps.
Slog 2
20mm Sigma 1,4
24mm Canon 1,4
50mm Canon 1,4
100mm Canon 2,8 Macro

Phantom 4 provided by Globe Flight

I have often puzzled and puzzled,
about what it must be like,
to go to sleep and never wake up
to be,
simply not there,
forever and ever.

But we are inclined to have in our mind,
a picture of this
of being shut up in the dark for always and always,
to be kind of buried alive in the blackness

And we think
Ooh this is it
This is the end
And so at death we withdraw
no no no, not that
Not yet

And you accepted it.
And suddenly something changed
There was a strange feeling that
everything is absolutely clear.
You suddenly see that there isn´t a grain of dust in the whole universe that´s in the wrong place.
The reason we die is to give us the opportunity to understand what live is all about.
Just think
When you opened your eyes on the world, for the first time as a child
How brilliant colors were
What a jewel the sun was.
What marvel the stars.

Memento Mori
Be mindful of death.

Alan Watts